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Sever’s Disease

Sever’s Disease is a bone disorder that is painful, this is a result of inflammation of the heel’s growth plate. A growth plate is also called as an epiphyseal plate. It is the area located at the end of a bone that is developing, and where cells of cartilage transforms through time to bone cells. As this happens, growth plates united and expand. Bones grow in this way.

For growing kids, and most especially those who are active physically, Sever’s disease is a cause that is very common of heel pain. Usually, it occurs during the adolescence growth spurt. More or less, it’s a 2-3 year period in early stage of puberty, when kids grow significantly. Between the ages of 8 and 15, this growth spurt can start. Typically for girls, it starts earlier, while for boys is a bit later.

Sever’s Disease Treatment

Some practitioners will advise you to quit playing sport, however given this condition can last for 2-3 years it is not always the best, or healthiest option. This news can also be quite devastating if your child loves sport. Other podiatrists or practitioners recommend stretches, while some tell you not to stretch because it will just aggravate and cause further irritation to the growth plate.

We take this condition seriously at The Heel Pain Clinic. Sever’s disease cases which are not addressed and treated properly can end up the growth plate to be fracturing. It will also result to blood supply loss and can even affect bone growth. It is a condition you need to get right and a condition that needs to be monitored.